Investing in IT initiatives continues to be a hot topic and a good way to differentiate your business.  When it comes to controlling costs, consider using XM, our innovative injury claims software, to assist in your IT and claims strategies.

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A good, quick article on 7 main factors driving change for P&C Insurers.  Numbers 4, 5, and 6 are items VMG directly impacts in a positive way.

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The Future of Drones in the Insurance Industry

Drones used by insurance carriers?  Who would’ve thought!?  Another example of leveraging technology to improve results.

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Valuable information on corporate security that’s good for all to keep in mind.

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While loss ratio results have recently improved for P&C Carriers, expense ratios are an area of opportunity.  Products such as XM can make a real impact in efficiency and reduce expenses over time.

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Ever think “Obamacare” would adversely impact P&C Insurers? Read the below article to learn more about the potential impact and consider using a product like XM to appropriately adjust bills to contain costs.

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A great article on IT imperatives for insurers in 2014 and beyond. Our products, especially XM, can certainly help insurers leverage technology to improve their BI claims results.

2014′s Top 10 IT Imperatives for Insurers | PropertyCasualty360.