Investing in IT initiatives continues to be a hot topic and a good way to differentiate your business.  When it comes to controlling costs, consider using XM, our innovative injury claims software, to assist in your IT and claims strategies.

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A good, quick article on 7 main factors driving change for P&C Insurers.  Numbers 4, 5, and 6 are items VMG directly impacts in a positive way.

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With rising BI costs outpacing inflation, it’s a great time to consider a tool like XM to control costs through increased consistency and efficiency.

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While loss ratio results have recently improved for P&C Carriers, expense ratios are an area of opportunity.  Products such as XM can make a real impact in efficiency and reduce expenses over time.

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Ever think “Obamacare” would adversely impact P&C Insurers? Read the below article to learn more about the potential impact and consider using a product like XM to appropriately adjust bills to contain costs.

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